• Releasing the Father's Love
    to a Fatherless Generation


Papa's House is a home for orphaned children who get to flourish within a real family home and experience the loving heart of our amazing Heavenly Daddy! We are committed to creating a sustainable family environment for children to experience the safety, shelter, love, grace, mercy, restoration and empowerment that comes from the Presence of a Heavenly Father and that is expressed through Papa’s House Parents. We opened our first Papa's House in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016 with further sites to open in years ahead.

Papa’s House Kathmandu

In Nepal, many children are orphaned when parents die from sickness and disease and they often have to find ways to fend for themselves. Many children live on the streets of Kathmandu or out in the villages. Some children are simply abandoned at birth. We were told one story of a girl who was abandoned in the jungle when she was a baby. Animals and bugs had been eating the flesh from her face as she lay defenceless in a very dangerous part of the country where tigers are known to roam wild. Miraculously, she was found when a man trekking heard her cries. She was taken to an orphanage in Kathmandu where now, 7 years later, she is healthy and happy! This is just one story of many. Fortunately, this one has a happy ending but it is not often the case.



Ambassadors serve to raise the profile of the work of Papa’s House, organise fund-raising events in their local community and to motivate others to do the same. Ambassadors will gather people together and get them involved by either sponsoring you or helping you with an event! Together we can change the lives of many children in Nepal and around the world!

For further information about becoming a Papa’s House Ambassador please download our Ambassador pack below.

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per month

By sponsoring a child, your gift of £10 will provide clothing, food and shelter to a child that has been living on the streets with the daily threat of violence, sexual abuse and potential death. Your £10 monthly gift really is a life-line and will enable us to rescue a child and provide them with the loving care and emotional support they need to build a better future for themselves.



per month

Investing £25 per month into our ‘Teach’ plan, enables a child to benefit from all the features of the monthly sponsorship (i.e. clothing, food and shelter) with the additional benefit of being able to send the child to a good school so that they can benefit from a quality education. Such generosity empowers children to look towards the future with hope and plan a life far different from their current experience.



per month

Your Build gift of £30 goes directly into our plans to expand and develop our Papa’s House sites in order to provide children with all they need to grow up in a safe, loving environment where they can have access to information technology, educational resources and recreational facilities. Moreover, such gifts will allow us to pioneer new Papa’s House sites in other locations around the world, thus bringing hope to more children.



per month

By choosing to support £50 per month, you ‘Release’ us to employ a member of staff to live on site as a Papa’s House Parent. These people will be leaving full-time employment and sometimes even giving up working for their family business in order to see the lives of children transformed. Some of our staff work for free and as much as we benefit from the work of our short and long term missionaries, we need daily staff to manage our sites and become the parents that these children deserve but have never experienced.



By remembering Papa’s House in your will, you can help make the world a fairer place for its poorest people. Gifts in wills help to fund some of our most important projects - whether it’s launching a brand new Papa’s House site in another country or building school facilities on existing sites, your legacy can echo through the generations.

We appreciate this is a personal decision (and letting us know is not legally binding in any way), but the more people who share this information with us, the more sense we have of our income over the decades ahead. More importantly, it allows us to give you our thanks! For further information about leaving a legacy to Papa's House in your will, please contact us directly at info@papashouse.org.uk.


  • Ambassador Lunch

    Ambassador Lunch

    Sunday 4th February 1pm

    FreshFire Church, Sykes Street, Reddish, SK5 6AL

    For existing and prospective Ambassadors.

    Quiz Night with Supper

    Quiz Night with Supper

    Saturday 17th March 7.30pm

    FreshFire Church, Sykes Street, Reddish, SK5 6AL

    Come over and join us!

    The Great Reddish Craft Off!

    The Great Reddish Craft Off!

    Saturday 14th July 11am - 4pm

    FreshFire Church, Sykes Street, Reddish, SK5 6AL

    Get creative crazy! An afternoon that includes a sponsored knit, crafters stalls galore, pottery makes or simply chill and enjoy a tea or coffee with home-made cake for £2.50.

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